Resource for Marketing Terms

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If you’re new to internet marketing, you’ve already figured out that there’s a language that goes with it. It’s a foreign language until you get your feet wet and start getting exposed to the terms. Figuring out what the heck some of the terms mean, however, can be tricky. If you’re too embarrassed about having […]

RSS In Plain English – a Video by Lee Lefever

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  RSS In Plain English – a Video by Lee Lefever For the longest time, I didn’t know what an RSS feed was. I didn’t understand how to use it. Then I watched this snappy little video and like magic… it all became clear. I know you’ll have a light bulb moment if you’re a […]

What is RSS? How to Explain RSS the Oprah Way.

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How to explain RSS the Oprah way Today, I’m going to explain how RSS can help you live your best life online. We all have busy lives with very little time. Web surfing is fun but can take hours going to visit every single website and blog you enjoy. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you […]

What is Website Traffic?

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What is Website Traffic? No . . .This is NOT Website Traffic. Website traffic is the number of visitors to a blog or website.   When a visitor arrives at the site, their presence is logged and any links that they click on are also monitored. These numbers get added up, giving the website owner an […]