The Influence Factor. Tip 2 – Be Present In Your Business

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Influence Tip #2

5 Ways to Be Present in your Business

Let them see you . . . 

This is part of a series I’m doing on the “Influence Factor” which separates those who find their success in their network marketing businesses and those who struggle and give up.

In this article I share why it’s important for others to see and feel your presence in your business and how this ties in to creating that all important “influence” or “posture”, as some may call it.

People respond most to a person’s confidence, concepts, mindset, language, attitude and leadership more than anything else.  These are a part of what I call your “Influence Factor.”

This is why so many network marketers are failing or struggling when they lead with their product arguing over who’s juice is better than another brand.

Or who’s travel club is better than another…

Or why one personal development seminar program is superior to another…

Blah, blah, blah.

People do not join a business because of the business typically.  They join because they bought the person they spoke to about it.

People are relational and they want to do business with someone they feel they know, like and trust and who are confident that they can be helped.

What does it mean to be Present in your Business? 

Here are 5 Examples.

1) Be learning and share what you learn with the public.

It doesn’t matter at what level you are learning.  The idea is to teach what you know.

When you learn something and teach it, it sets you aside as an authority, someone who can demonstrate they know how to do it and it goes a long way in leadership posturing.

This is also attraction marketing which will draw new team members to you.

2) Create your own products.

Create products based on the knowledge and skillsets you have at the time you create them.   You will use these products to give away for those who join your mailing list to begin with.

As you continue to advance in your knowledge and skillsets, your products can become more valuable create some that you want to charge for.

Allow yourself to grow into your knowledge, but in the meantime, show people that you have something to share.

There’s nothing quite like addressing yourself as an author.  When you add that to your network marketing resume’, that says something about your commitment to your industry and your business.

Creating your products is not as difficult as you think.  Here’s an article I wrote about this.

3) Give good customer service.

When people reach out to you via email and social media, be courteous enough to answer.  If you find yourself too busy, review your time management patterns and see if you can set 20 minutes aside each day to quickly respond.  All businesses have a customer service department.  YOU are your business, give customer services.

4) Stay in personal development.  

Continue to grow from the inside out and role model more of the leadership skills you are learning.  You will evolve through this process and by participating in forums, responding to people in a public arena through social media sites, your videos, how to talk, what you say, all are going to demonstrate your leadership, mindset, attitude.

5) Be consistent in your marketing. 

Let people see that you’re serious about your business.  Role modeling and doing the business building activities will generate more duplication on your team because you are leading by example.  Don’t just tell people what to do, show them by you doing it yourself.

Participate in forums, in social networking communities, on video, and as they see you in the game, having fun and giving value to people, it will be easier for them to duplicate it.

People will see you everywhere!  This is a good thing!

I hope you enjoyed this article and can see that having your home based business and stepping into influence doesn’t take much.  It’s really about showing up and enjoying the process!

To Your Success,


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